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Locked down India struggles as workers flee cities and homeless call for food

Millions of homeless people and migrant labourers have been left in the lurch after India announced a 21-day lockdown in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country.

With factories and construction sites closing down, many have expressed fears that they would starve to death.

State governments have announced that they will open centres to feed these people, but have been overwhelmed.

Many have opted to walk hundreds of miles to their villages as public transport has been suspended.

Video by Varun Nayar

Major Inputs from BBC news

Mandana Karimi Everything You know about the model

Mandana Karimi an Iranian actress based started working in India. She has worked on several modelling show and commercials. Mandana also made several Bollywood movies are- Bhaag Johnny, Main Aur Charls and Kyaa Kool Hain Hum-3. She was also the second runner up in the India’s most popular reality TV show Bigg Boss 9.

This Bigg Boss contestant often shares her bold photoshoot pictures on social media. She has posted a topless photo on Instagram and was criticized by fans. Her marriage hit a rough patch last year, barely after five months of their nuptials, when her producer husband Gaurav Gupta and his family allegedly abused her and kicked her out of her marital home

The Actress is currently working on Zee5 Original web series “Tha Casino”

Real reason behind Isolation poster outside Kamal Haasan residence

Coronavirus outbreak is massive than expected regardless of so many restrictions. Prime Minister Modi. On day 4 people of India following Janta Curfew governments taking strict actions for quarantine. Tamilnadu Government have taken steps to isolate people who had foreign travel in the past 2 months.

As per official record Actress Gowthami who’s Ex wife of Actor and Makkal Needhi Maiam founder Kamal Haasan made foreign travel in past 2 months. Gowthami mentioned her Passport address as Kamal Haasan residence and MNM’ office address. Chennai corporation without verifying Gowthami presence pasted self isolation poster outside Alwarpet residence.

Later clarification from Kamal Haasan side self isolation poster has been removed from the residence.

Kamal hassan mentioned that am not staying in Alwarpet residence for few months and am not affected by Coronavirus. Am isolating myself for safety.As per close source Kamal Haasan is staying in star hotel.

Coronavirus cradle Wuhan partly reopens after lockdown

Passengers arrive at the railway station in Wuhan, China's central Hubei province on 28 March 2020, after travel restrictions into the city were easedImage copyright AFP
Image caption Many of those arriving in Wuhan on Saturday pulled suitcases behind them as they returned to their families

The city in China where the coronavirus pandemic began, Wuhan, has partially re-opened after more than two months of isolation.

Crowds of passengers were pictured arriving at Wuhan train station on Saturday.

People are being allowed to enter but not leave, according to reports.

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, saw more than 50,000 coronavirus cases. At least 3,000 people in Hubei died from the disease.

But numbers have fallen dramatically, according to China’s figures. The state on Saturday reported 54 new cases emerging the previous day – which it said were all imported.

As it battles to control cases coming from abroad, China has announced a temporary ban on all foreign visitors, even if they have visas or residence permits. It is also limiting Chinese and foreign airlines to one flight per week, and flights must not be more than 75% full.

In other global developments:

Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread rapidly in other countries around the world.

  • More than 600,000 infections have been confirmed globally and almost 29,000 deaths, according to figures collated by Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 136,000 patients have recovered
  • The death toll in Spain has exceeded 5,000, after it reported 832 more fatalities in the past 24 hours. Spain is the world’s worst hit country after Italy
  • The US now has the highest number of confirmed infections at 104,000
  • South Korea says that for the first time it now has more people who have recovered from the virus than are still infected. It reported 146 new cases on Saturday, taking the total to 9,478 – of whom 4,811 have been released from hospital
  • Russia and Ireland are among the latest countries to bring in new restrictions to try to slow the spread of the virus. In Russia, shopping centres, restaurants and cafes have been ordered to close. In Ireland, people will have to stay at home with limited exceptions for the next two weeks
  • In the UK, frontline National Health Service staff in England will begin being tested this weekend to see if they have coronavirus

What signs are there of Wuhan reopening?

The virus is thought to have originated in a seafood market in Wuhan that “conducted illegal transactions of wild animals”.

The city’s 11 million residents have been shut off from the rest of the world since the middle of January, with roadblocks around the outskirts and drastic restrictions on daily life.

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Media captionCoronavirus: Life inside China’s lockdown

But roads reopened to incoming traffic late on Friday, according to Reuters news agency.

And state media said the subway was open from Saturday and trains would be able to arrive at the city’s 17 railway stations.

Nineteen-year-old student Guo Liangkai, who arrived back in the city after three months, told Reuters: “First of all, it makes me very happy to see my family.

“We wanted to hug but now is a special period so we can’t hug or make any actions like these.”

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Mask-clad passengers waited in a line after arriving at the railway station in Wuhan on Saturday

All arrivals in Wuhan have to show a green code on a mobile app to prove that they are healthy.

Officials say restrictions on people leaving the city will be lifted on 8 April, when domestic flights are also expected to restart.

The virus emerged in China in December and more than 3,300 people there have died from the infection – but both Italy and Spain now have higher death tolls.

This information is regularly updated but may not reflect the latest totals for each country.

Cases Deaths
USA 104,688 1,707
Italy 86,498 9,134
China 81,996 3,299
Spain 72,248 5,690
Germany 53,340 399
Iran 35,408 2,517
France 32,964 1,995
UK 17,089 1,019
Switzerland 13,259 241
South Korea 9,478 144
Belgium 9,134 353
Netherlands 8,603 546
Austria 7,712 68
Turkey 5,698 92
Canada 4,760 56
Portugal 4,268 76
Norway 3,807 20
Australia 3,635 14
Brazil 3,477 93
Israel 3,460 12
Sweden 3,069 105
Czech Republic 2,422 9
Malaysia 2,320 27
Ireland 2,121 22
Denmark 2,046 52
Ecuador 1,627 41
Chile 1,610 5
Luxembourg 1,605 15
Japan 1,525 52
Romania 1,452 29
Poland 1,436 16
Pakistan 1,408 11
Russia 1,264 4
Thailand 1,245 6
South Africa 1,170 1
Finland 1,165 7
Indonesia 1,155 102
Saudi Arabia 1,104 3
Philippines 1,075 68
Greece 966 28
India 933 20
Iceland 890 2
Panama 786 14
Singapore 732 2
Mexico 717 12
Diamond Princess cruise ship 712 10
Argentina 690 17
Slovenia 684 9
Estonia 645 1
Croatia 635 4
Peru 635 11
Dominican Republic 581 20
Qatar 562
Colombia 539 6
Egypt 536 30
Serbia 528 1
Iraq 506 42
Bahrain 473 4
New Zealand 451
Lebanon 412 8
Algeria 409 26
United Arab Emirates 405 2
Lithuania 382 5
Armenia 372 1
Morocco 358 23
Hungary 343 11
Bulgaria 313 5
Ukraine 311 8
Latvia 305
Taiwan 283 2
Uruguay 274
Slovakia 269
Andorra 267 3
Costa Rica 263 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 257 4
Kuwait 235
Jordan 235 1
Tunisia 227 7
San Marino 223 21
North Macedonia 219 3
Kazakhstan 204 1
Moldova 199 2
Albania 186 8
Burkina Faso 180 9
Vietnam 169
Azerbaijan 165 3
Cyprus 162 5
Oman 152
Malta 149
Réunion 145
Faroe Islands 144
Ghana 137 4
Senegal 130
Brunei 120 1
Venezuela 113 2
Sri Lanka 110
Afghanistan 110 4
Uzbekistan 104 2
Ivory Coast 101
Cambodia 99
Palestinian Territories 97 1
Honduras 95 1
Mauritius 94 2
Belarus 94
Martinique 93 1
Cameroon 91 2
Kosovo 88 1
Georgia 85
Montenegro 82 1
Nigeria 81 1
Cuba 80 2
Puerto Rico 79 3
Bolivia 74
Guadeloupe 73 1
Trinidad and Tobago 66 2
Kyrgyzstan 58
DR Congo 58 6
Liechtenstein 56
Paraguay 56 3
Gibraltar 55
Rwanda 54
Jersey 52 1
Guam 51 1
Mayotte 50
Bangladesh 48 5
Monaco 42
Guernsey 36
Aruba 33
Isle of Man 32
Guatemala 32 1
Kenya 31 1
French Polynesia 30
Jamaica 30 1
French Guiana 28
Barbados 26
Madagascar 26
Togo 25 1
Uganda 23
Zambia 22
United States Virgin Islands 19
El Salvador 19
Bermuda 17
Ethiopia 16
Maldives 16
New Caledonia 15
Tanzania 13
Mongolia 12
Djibouti 12
Equatorial Guinea 12
Saint Martin 11
Mali 11
Dominica 11
Niger 10 1
Greenland 10
Bahamas 10
Eswatini 9
Curaçao 8 1
Cayman Islands 8 1
Haiti 8
Suriname 8
Myanmar 8
Namibia 8
Guinea 8
Gabon 7 1
Zimbabwe 7 1
Mozambique 7
Antigua and Barbuda 7
Seychelles 7
Grenada 7
Eritrea 6
Laos 6
Benin 6
Nepal 5
Fiji 5
Saint Barthelemy 5
Syria 5
Mauritania 5
Guyana 5 1
Montserrat 5
Sudan 5 1
Cape Verde 5 1
Congo 4
Angola 4
Vatican 4
Nicaragua 4 1
Central African Republic 3
Somalia 3
Bhutan 3
Liberia 3
Sint Maarten 3
Chad 3
Saint Lucia 3
Gambia 3 1
Turks and Caicos Islands 2
Belize 2
Anguilla 2
MS Zaandam cruise ship 2
British Virgin Islands 2
Saint Kitts and Nevis 2
Guinea-Bissau 2
Libya 1
St Vincent and the Grenadines 1
Papua New Guinea 1
Timor-Leste 1

Source: Johns Hopkins University, national public health agencies

It is now battling to control a wave of imported cases as infections soar abroad.

This so-called “second wave” of imported infections is also affecting countries like South Korea and Singapore, which had been successful in stopping the spread of disease in recent weeks.

Image copyright AFP
Image caption Wuhan has been under lockdown since the middle of January

Major Inputs from BBC news

Coronavirus: The woman behind India’s first testing kit

A coronavirus testing centre in DelhiImage copyright Getty Images

India has been criticised for its poor record of testing people in the battle against coronavirus. That, however, is set to change, thanks in large part to the efforts of one virologist, who delivered on a working test kit, just hours before delivering her baby .

On Thursday, the first made-in-India coronavirus testing kits reached the market, raising hopes of an increase in screening of patients with flu symptoms to confirm or rule out the Covid-19 infection.

Mylab Discovery, in the western city of Pune, became the first Indian firm to get full approval to make and sell testing kits. It shipped the first batch of 150 to diagnostic labs in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa and Bengaluru (Bangalore) this week.

“Our manufacturing unit… is working through the weekend and the next batch will be sent out on Monday,” Dr Gautam Wankhede, Mylab’s director for medical affairs, told the BBC on Friday.

The molecular diagnostic company, which also makes testing kits for HIV and Hepatitis B and C, and other diseases, says it can supply up to 100,000 Covid-19 testing kits a week and can produce up to 200,000 if needed.

Each Mylab kit can test 100 samples and costs 1,200 rupees ($16; £13) – that’s about a quarter of the 4,500 rupees that India pays to import Covid-19 testing kits from abroad.

Virologist delivered kit, then her baby

“Our kit gives the diagnosis in two and a half hours while the imported testing kits take six-seven hours,” says virologist Minal Dakhave Bhosale, Mylab’s research and development chief.

Ms Bhosale, who headed the team that designed the coronavirus testing kit called Patho Detect, said it was done “in record time” – six weeks instead of three or four months.

And the scientist was battling with her own deadline too. Last week she gave birth to a baby girl – and only began work on the programme in February, just days after leaving hospital with a pregnancy complication.

“It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation,” she says, adding that her team of 10 worked “very hard” to make the project a success.

In the end, she submitted the kit for evaluation by the National Institute of Virology (NIV) on 18 March, just a day before delivering her daughter.

Image copyright Minal Dakhave Bhosale
Image caption Minal Dakhave Bhosale says Mylab’s testing kit was developed ‘in record time’

That same evening, just an hour before she was taken to hospital ahead of her Caesarean, she submitted the proposal to the Indian FDA and the drugs control authority CDSCO for commercial approval.

“We were running against time,” says Dr Wankhede. “Our reputation was at stake, we had to get everything right on the first go, and Minal was leading our efforts from the front.”

Before submitting the kits for evaluation, the team had to check and re-check all the parameters to ensure its results that were precise, and accurate.

“If you carry out 10 tests on the same sample, all 10 results should be same,” said Ms Bhosale. “And we achieved that. Our kit was perfect.”

The government-run Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), under which NIV operates, agreed. It said Mylab was the only Indian company to achieve 100% results.

‘Gaping holes in Indian health system’

India has been criticised for not testing enough. It has one of the lowest rates in the world, with just 6.8 tests per million.

Initially, India insisted on testing only those who had travelled to high-risk countries or had come in contact with an infected person or health workers treating coronavirus patients. It later said that anyone admitted to hospital with severe respiratory distress should also be tested.

But with the circle of infection widening daily, the numbers are expected to grow hugely.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption India has tightly controlled the number of people who could be tested for the coronavirus

In the past few days, India has scaled up testing. Initially, only the state labs were allowed to test for coronavirus, but permission has now been extended to several private labs too.

And on Thursday, India also gave approvals to 15 private companies to commercially sell diagnostic kits based on licences they have obtained in the US, European Union and some other countries.

Dr Wankhede says with the number of suppliers and labs increasing every day, the testing will go up exponentially.

Increased testing would be a huge help, but experts say India has gaping holes in its health infrastructure that need to be plugged urgently to deal with the growing threat of coronavirus.

“South Korea – that’s so tiny – has 650 labs testing for the coronavirus, how many do we have?” asks Sujatha Rao, former federal health secretary.

India has only 118 government laboratories and officials say 50 private labs will also be roped in.

For a population of 1.3 billion, that is far from adequate.

“India will have to identify many more labs, then the testing kits have to reach there, and technicians have to be trained. And getting the infrastructure ramped up will take time,” Ms Rao says.

And once the test results start coming in and if a large number of people test positive and require hospitalisation, India will find it difficult to cope.

“You know the state of the healthcare facilities in the country? They are all bunched up in urban areas, there’s very little facility in rural India. That will be a big challenge,” she says.

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Media captionPeople panicked after Narendra Modi said nobody should leave their homes, and did not mention the status of essential supplies

Major Inputs from BBC news

Actor Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai residence

Actor and Politician Kamal Haasan isolated in Chennai Alwarpet residence.

Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading all over the world. India managing to stop the spread in various safety measures. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for Janata Curfew a initiative to prevent the spread of the virus. Section 144 implemented in Tamilnadu and publics being isolated inside the residence.

Actor and Founder of Makkal Needhi Maiyam isolated in his Alwarpet residence. Chennai corporation isolated him alone and pasted isolation notice in his residence. Fans and party members started questioning about the isolation notice verification. Signature in the notice is doubtful and Kamal Haasan not even made any foreign trips in recent times.

It’s to be noted that Kamal Haasan daughters Shruti Hassan and Akasara Haasan made foreign trips in last month.

Notice has been removed from his residence after this news arises. As per the Chennai corporation notices will be pasted only if any members from the residence made foreign trips. But Kamalhaasan not made any trips. As per Corporation report we don’t have any details of the person who made trips but only the address of the residence. As per Indian officials around 15 lac people made foreign trips and their residence are being isolated randomly not based on any criteria.

Coronavirus: India ‘super spreader’ quarantines 40,000 people

Punjab has 30 confirmed cases of the virusImage copyright Getty images
Image caption Punjab has 30 confirmed cases of the virus

Indian authorities in the northern state of Punjab have quarantined around 40,000 residents from 20 villages following a Covid-19 outbreak linked to just one man.

The 70-year-old died of coronavirus – a fact found out only after his death.

The man, a preacher, had ignored advice to self quarantine after returning from a trip to Italy and Germany, officials told BBC Punjabi’s Arvind Chhabra.

India has 640 confirmed cases of the virus, of which 30 are in Punjab.

However, experts worry that the real number of positive cases could be far higher. India has one of the lowest testing rates in the world, although efforts are under way to ramp up capacity.

There are fears that an outbreak in the country of 1.3 billion people could result in a catastrophe.

The man, identified as Baldev Singh, had visited a large gathering to celebrate the Sikh festival of Hola Mohalla shortly before he died.

The six-day festival attracts around 10,000 people every day.

A week after his death, 19 of his relatives have tested positive.

“So far, we have been able to trace 550 people who came into direct contact with him and the number is growing. We have sealed 15 villages around the area he stayed,” a senior official told the BBC.

Another five villages in an adjoining district have also been sealed.

This is not the first time that exposure has resulted in mass quarantining in India.

In Bhilwara, a textile city in the northern state of Rajasthan, there are fears that a group of doctors who were infected by a patient could have spread the disease to hundreds of people.

Seven thousand people in villages neighbouring the city are under home quarantine.

India has also declared a 21-day lockdown, although people are free to go out to buy essential items like food and medicine.

Major Inputs from BBC news

Actor and Dermatologist Dr. Sethuraman passed away due to Cardiac arrest

Kollywood Actor and Chennai ‘s leading Cosmetologist Dr. Sethuraman passed away. He was jus 36 years old.. Died due to Cardiac arrest last night. This Dermatologist works in ZI clinic. He first appeared in Kanna Laddu thinna Asaya.

Dr. Sethuraman is a Dermatologist specialist in Cosmetic Dermatology which includes lasers, anti-aging, body contouring, hair, and skincare treatments.

Dr. Sethu Completed his post-graduate degree at Annamalai University, he then trained in Stanley Government Hospital, Chennai. He then obtained his fellowship from the prestigious National Skin Centre in Singapore. He is passionate about learning the latest trends & techniques from across the world and bringing it to his home country. Dr. Sethu’s 8 years experience in cosmetic dermatology has made him create ZI as the most comprehensive state of the art laser and aesthetic clinic in India. His vision is the deliver affordable treatments on par with international standards.

Movie was produced by his beloved his friend Santhanam. Later this Actor made some other movies Valiba Raja, 50 50, Saka Podu Podu Raja. He helped Actor Santhanam in his early stage Santhanam said in a interview.

This 36-year-old doctor releases medical awareness videos very often. Several Kollywood celebrities are his clients. Even 14hrs before his death he updated social media story. He was a highly passionate and knowledgeable person in his profession.

He has raised public awareness of coronavirus pandemic through social networks. He was admitted in a private hospital in MRC after suffering a Cardiac attack yesterday and passed away.

Drones to be used in Chennai’s to fight against coronavirus Outbreak

The Chennai Corporation has successfully completed trials for using drones to disinfect inaccessible and congested neighborhoods in the city. Developed by the Abdul Kalam Advanced UAV Research Center in the Anna University, each of these drones can spray disinfectants over a large area of up to 2 lakh square meters when deployed on day and night duty.

The usage of drones is meant to enhance the efforts of the corporation which has already deployed over 500 vehicles to disinfect the city. The drones would provide additional reach by enabling coverage of narrow lanes with buildings that are tightly packed.

“Most other drones are battery-powered and have a capacity of holding lesser than 10 liters of disinfectant, whereas our drone is powered by an Internal combustion engine that runs on petrol and can carry 16 liters of disinfectant, thus enabling it to operate for longer hours. Our drone can also perform the spraying from altitudes as less as 3meters to 25meters and have a two-hour endurance” Dr.K Senthil Kumar, Director, Abdul Kalam Advanced UAV Research Center told WION.

The drone that is to be used by the Corporation is a modified version of the drone that Anna University had developed to help farmers spray nutrients onto their crops spread across large fields.

“We have modified the mechanism and tweaked the parameters in a way that the centrifugal pump can disperse an ultra-low volume spray. This ensures that every single droplet is broken down into thousands of smaller particles which cover a wider area”, Dr. Senthil Kumar added.

The usage of drones drastically reduces the risk of exposure of healthcare workers who are otherwise deployed for disinfecting operations with hand pumps or trucks. While battery-powered drones need to be grounded and fitted with a new battery every few minutes, the petroleum-powered variant is capable of flying for nearly two hours, after which it can be refueled and instantly deployed for work.

Petrol-powered drones also require lesser resources and manpower and they can operate for longer durations and need not depend on a portable generator for charging its batteries.

With five drones currently available, there are plans to deploy them for disinfecting large public spaces such as open-markets, railway stations, hospitals, etc.

The drones are designed and developed by the Abdul Kalam Advanced UAV Research Center in the Anna University, they are manufactured by private partners, in line with the Make in India initiative.

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko Sanctioned 1 Cr to Coronavirus Outbreak

MDMK General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Vaiko has sanctioned rupees 1 crore funds to curb Coronavirus Pandemic. The fund has been allocated from Minister’s development fund to the Government of Tamilnadu. Novel Coronavirus Pandemic is spreading all over the world drastically causing several thousand lives all over the world.

Regardless of the Nations Coronvirus spreading and causing lives everywhere. China the First nation to affected by Coronavirus claims that pandemic was controlled in their country. Italy, Spain, and Iran are the nations highly affected and losing lives. Even the Developed nations like The United States of America and the United Kingdom cannot even control the spread. Even Prince Charles is infected with COVID-19 and isolated in Brik Hall.

Though India is 40th position(As on 26th March 2020) in the total number of affected cases with 716 affected cases and 14 deaths it highly difficult to control the pandemic in the second highly populated nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown for 21 days which till April 15th, 2020. The Lockdown is not a cure but prevention.

In a short video released by Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko stated the impact of coronavirus all over the world. He also mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lockdown call. Vaiko also wants cops to show some respect on Vegetable, Milk and other essential suppliers who are using the transports.

Supporting Government at critical situtation is like saving yourself from COVID-19

Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko

This ends up being a hindrance for the medical personnel who perform duties on the streets, the distributors of vegetables and dairy products. He said that everyone should isolate themselves in order to save the lives of all. Previously Durai Vaiko Son of Vaiko released a social awareness video on Coronavirus Pandemic.