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Ajith Kumar donates 1.25 crores for Coronavirus pandemic

South Indian Super Star Ajith donated 1.25 to fight against coronavirus pandemic in India.

Ajith Kumar is now currently working for his upcoming movie Valimai under the promising director H Vinoth under Boney Kapoor production. Team currently postponed the shoot due to the nationwide lockdown in India. The last know location of the shooting spot was Ramoji Film Visit. Ajith Kumar was locked in Hyderabad due to the lockdown. He recently reached Chennai in a dedicated special flight.

Announcement today surprised everyone yes Ajith Kumar donated a huge some amount of ₹ 1,25,00,000 to fight against coronavirus Outbreak in India. He donated a 50 lac to PM CARES and 50 lac to CM Welfare fund and 25 lac to FEFSI unit. Ajith made the highest donation amount in Tamilnadu.

Ajit Kumar completed 4 consecutive films with director Shiva. After sign in with Boney Kapoor bayview productions h Vinoth Rog into the movie and made a Bollywood remake of blockbuster movie Pink. Though director Vinod is not satisfied in making a remake film for Ajith Kumar Boney Kapoor don’t want to make any compromise in story since Neer Konda Paarvai was his first movie in Tamil. Director and Ajith officially signed the second movie also for bayview production. Second movie name d as Valimai is now under shooting.

Ajith expected to play cop roll once again in the movie. Several shooting spot stills for already leaked. No official working stills for posters released yet for the movie.

Mafia: Chapter 1 Movie Review {3.25/5.00} – Arun Vijay || Priya || Prassana

Narcotics office Arun Vijay involves in a racy chase to hunt down the deadly drug cartel Prassana is the onliner of the movie.

Arun Vijay recently keens in signing his movies. His selection of movies has an excellent story line up. As well as he eventually bends for the young directors. His role as Cop never fails his movie. After the Success of Yennai Arinthal Arun Vijay gained a separated fan base in K town.

Regarding the Mafia film, Arun Vijay said that the director of the film Karthik Naren is a very brilliant and talented director. Prasanna has also got a very good role in the film which is quite intrusting.

Karthik Nareen who is well known for his debut movie Dhuruvangal 16 a crime thriller gained a positive response. Karthik Managed to rope Priya Bhavani Shankar in the movie as a female lead role. Priya plays as Narcotics office who is an Assistant for Arun Vijay. She’s also working for Indian 2 under Shankar Direction.

Mafia Movie Review

The Title poster and name reveal that the movie is all about drug Mafia and Stylish Narcotics office Aryan ( Arun Vijay) is the protagonist in the movie. Movie open with a shoot out in a hunt of gangsters. Aryan, later on, finds out that Diwakar the drug cartel who leads the crew. The movie revolves around Arun Vijay and Prassana’s mind games. Moreover, Gun slings and fist fits are framed in a good manner to engage the audience in the seats. In Addition, to Aryaan and Diwakar’s performance Priya Bhavani Shankar made decently performance in the movie.

Meanwhile, Arun Vijay came to know that Diwakar is not the only venomous snake in the Drug Mafia. The movie ends in a way that it would have Chapter 2. Arun Vijay remarkably making a strong foundation for his career. He was the perfect choice for this stylish cop story. Firstly The presentation and narration, at times, remind you of the web series format as you feel certain cinematic elements seem to be missing. Slow-motion scenes could have been avoided to enhance the speed of the movie. Moreover, Karthik has a unique touch in all his movies.

To sum up Mafia movie review, Mafia is a new attempt with the visual treatment, but when it comes to story, regular as we have come across such tales many times but in a new format.

Ajith Kumar is injured on the sets of Valimai in Chennai

Ajith Kumar is recently busy with his upcoming movie Valimai. This marks his second collaboration with producer Boney Kapoor and director Vinodh and its regular shooting commenced from last December.

After wrapping up the first schedule in Hyderabad, the crew moved to Chennai to shoot the next schedule. He suffered minor injuries while performing a bike stunt for his upcoming film, Valimai. He Took around 20 minutes to recover and continued the shooting. Ajith visited his family doctor after completing

Fans are praying for his quick recovery. #GetWellsoonThala trend is also trending on Twitter.  After seeing this, it seems like the fans are very concerned about Ajith Kumar.

Valimai Shooting

According to sources, the next schedule will commence by March first week at Ramoji Film city. By April, the makers are planning to complete nearly 60% shoot of the film, added sources. Director Vinoth is also planning to shoot a bike chase sequence in European countries. The makers are yet to finalize the female lead. Reports suggest that Bollywood actor Huma Qureshi, who made her Tamil debut with Superstar Rajinikanth’s Kaala, has been approached to play the female lead. 

The crew recently finalized the antagonist for the movie from Tollywood.

However, this is not the first time the actor has been injured. Previously, while shooting for a car sequence, the actor was terribly injured and had a took a few days off to recover.

#GetWellSoonTHALA Twitter Trends

Ajith does Stunts without Dupe for his upcoming flim

Ajithkumar’s ‘Pink’ film directed by Vinod was successful. After the film, Ajith Kumar will be seen in the movie ‘Valimai’.

Boniee kapoor is producing the movie ‘Valamao’. The shooting is taking place in Ramoji Rao movie city in Hyderabad. Action scenes are currently being filmed. Foreign stunt artists are filming scenes of conflict between Ajith and villains. The fight directors decided to use Dupe instead of Ajith as the fight scenes were dangerous.

But Ajith disagrees. Dube is starring himself in dangerous fight scenes without the actor. Boniee kapoor has already confirmed the role of Ajith Kumar in the film will be a Cop. There are reports that Venkat is acting as a villain.

The film crew has not yet announced who will be paired with Ajith in the film. Names such as Iliana, Yamigupta, Rakulpreet Singh and Parineeti Chopra are among the names. Supporters, actresses, and workers have been banned from using cell phones in the shooting area to prevent the appearance of footage and footage.

Ajith plays for women safety – Nerkonda Paarvai complete review

Ajith takes a bold move once again. High rated star in South India Actor Ajith Kumar made a unexpected performance in NerKondaPaarvai. Movie is completely opposite storyline of his previous movie. Nerkonda Paarvai is not a Ajith movie. To enlighten the social message conveyed in the movie Ajith also part of the movie.

Story is much need in the society nowadays. Even the reviewers on the movie started to point mistakes on women characters in the movie

Story plot

Shratha, Abirami and Andrea are enjoying their favorite life freely. After her live performance in a music festival girls met 3 boys in the concert. A guy among them is friend of Sharatha.

They both teams up and went to a resort to have dinner and boozing in the room. Athivk tried to misbehave to Sharatha. Then Shratha slaps him with a bottle and they get out. The victims are very large children.

So the women continue to give torture and molesting her, Ajith is watching the event accurately.When one day the case comes to the conclusion that Ajith himself will be taken care of, then how the women get justice.

Nerkonda Paarvai review

Ajith should be highly appreciated for his story selection. Yet heroines should be applauded for choosing such a story among the heroes to come to the same place as the woman.

Shraddha has done as much Tapssee. Vinoth is definitely one of the best director of Tamil cinema. Although the entire second half of the film is a courtroom drama, Vinoth goes as far as it can. But fans who are looking forward to the Mass may be a little disappointed that Ajith could be sprayed.

Ajith’s explanation in the climax about a motto called No Means No will surely be debated.

Though Yuvan’s music is not catchy, the image bears the backdrop, as well as the cinematography of Nirouwsha and the courtroom.

Rangaraj Pandey debut

Former Journalist Rangaraj Pandey made a descent performance. Though Rangaraj Pandey is not interested in film career he made a debut performance for Ajith. Rangaraj Pandey as opposition lawyer made to easily understand the role of the character. Pandey added a few flavours of humour in this role. At end of the court scene Pandey shakes hands with Ajith definitely Pandey suggested this scene. This well know face in Tamilnadu added value to the movie. Pandey scenes could have a added more outside the court scenes.

Classy Ajith Kumar

Movie begins with no Ultimate Star title its just Ajith Kumar. Though Movie is the official remake of Pink flavours for Ajith Kumar added. Park fight scenes, Carrage fight scene are mass enough for Ajith fans. Ajith bounds himself for the story no mass scenes like previous. A real applause should be given to Ajith fo choosing the story. A much needed story on women safety. Though Ajith Kumar is in the Top list Actor he chosen a very low budget movie for social message. Unlike making a high budget movie he prefers a low budget.

20+ Ultra HD stills from Nerkonda Paarvai

Less than a day after the lyrical video of #Agalaathey released Booney Kapoor released the Ultra HD stills of Ajith Kumar from Nerkonda Paarvai. These stills are completely Ajith oriented still featuring Ajith’s Stunt sequence and Ajith get up as Lawyer.

Agalaathey which was released on 25th 6.00PM received 5 million views in YouTube. Producer Boney Kapoor officially announced this update in his twitter page.

Here is the complete list of HD stills released by Production team

Ajith Vidya Balan’s ‘Agalaathey’ set to release by 6PM

The release date of the song ‘Agalaathey’, which is featured in the upcoming film ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ has been announced.

Amitabh Bachchan and Topsy starring Bollywood The film is currently being remade in Tamil under the name of Nerkonda Paarvai by Boney Kapoor starring Ajith Kumar.

The film is directed by Vinod and Ajith is playing the lead role. Rangaraj Pandey has acted as an advocate against him. Vidya Balan is making an entry for Tamil cinema by pairing with Ajith in the film. Rangaraj Pandey, Shraddha Srinath, Abhirami, Adik Ravichandran and Delhi Ganesh also play important roles.

The film, composed by Yuvan Shankarraja, is expected to hit the screens on August 8. Prior to that, the film crew was busy releasing songs. The film’s producer Booney Kapoor announced on his Twitter page that the song ‘Agalaathey’ will be released tomorrow at 6 pm in the Ajith-Vidya Balan combo.

Big treason for Ajith Nerkonda Paarvai revealed, will Booney manage to solve it?

Gemini Film Circuit, which is in debt, has been accused of conspiring with some financiers in the backdrop of a Rs 5 crore loan to Booney Kapoortto release Ajith’s Nerkonda Paarvai. Reports have surfaced in the past few days that distributors have not come forward to buy the Nerkonda Paarvai film of actress Sridevi’s husband and Indian filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor. As Promised to Actress Sridevi Ajith’s doing film for Booney after the demises of Actress Sridevi.

It’s been revealed that some of the powerfull financiers from the Tamil film industry, it has emerged from the backdrop. The Satya Jothi Thiyagarajan is said to have benefited from the success of Ajith’s Vishwasam film. Financiers planned to make their close associates of them as Ajith’s next movie producers. But as per Sridevi’s promise, Ajith is doing the film with Booney.

Unlike other producers, Booney Kapoor was not a film-maker who borrow from the financiers, instead, he invests his money and makes the entire film quickly and for release. To be on the one side, the next film is for Booney Kapoor is announced with Ajit again and the rage of the financiers has increased.

It is said that if the direct viewing image prevents any distributor from purchasing Nerkonda Paarvai, Booney Kapoor will no longer make the film in Tamil or sell the film at the lowest price they have ever heard.

However, Booney Kapoor announced that the film will be released on August 8th, 2019. It is reported that Manohar Prasad, who produced the film “Nanban”, who is in the Gemini Production company, is offering a check for Rs 5 crore. Gemini Film Circuit Manohar Prasad, who has been in debt for several crores of rupees, has not been able to bring back the film Madhajajaraja produced in 2013.

Gemini Film Circuit plans to release Nerkonda Paarvai so that they would get a huge profit from the release and also plans to settle some of the financiers with 50 Lakhs rupees check,

Booney Kapoor will pay for the last time the movie is not released, and if it is not paid, there will be problems with the Movie. This is the Master Plan of Powerful Financials. Older producers who have faced the same problem and lost their career said the same.

No response from Manohar Prasad revealed so far.

Booney who is well aware of these kinds of issue. Booney has faced so many problems in Bollywood industry in order to experience good knowledge on K’Town financiers and producers Boony don’t want to make any compromise on film so he chosen a Successful story, Successful Director and Ajith. so that he can concentrate on film release.

Booney Kapoor stands like a hero and doing all other works seems he doesn’t care about the financier issues. Booney recently announced that song Agalaathey song will be released tomo 6.00 PMY

#Agalaathey the mesmerising number from @nerkondapaarvai#AjithKumar and @vidya_balan song releases tomorrow at 6 PM. Watch out this combo