Vijay will enter politics very soon – Pala Karuppiah

Pala Karuppiah one of the Senior most politician in Tamilnadu excelled from AIADMK in 2016 after Karuppiah made allegations against Minister of Tamilnadu. Karuppiah resigns his MLA posting after few days.

Karuppiah played a surprise role in Sarkar as villain and also as a Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. In a recent interview to media karuppiah said that Vijay will enter politics very soon.

“I had enough time to spend with Vijay through out the movie, he spoke about entering into politics, Vijay said that I’ve good family and enough money to survive. But I need to do something for Tamilnadu people. They gave me life ill Definitely do something good for them.

Pala Karuppiah also slammed about the ADMK Minister during the press meet.