Ileana D’Cruz started her acting career at the age of 18 an become a leading celebrity. The zero size actress recently gained weight after a film gap. Cine town rumored that Ileana is pregnant in order to end the controversy Ileana responded ” I’m not pregnant. In fact, I would have been super happy if I was. It’s something I have always wanted. But there’s still time. I still don’t want to become pregnant yet”.

The 31 year old actress ends the rumor by saying she’s not married. ” it’s not important for me me to tell the world if I am or not I do tell the world but my equation in a way and let the world a little bit into my life . I like it what the way because I hate the negativity that comes with it. I have learnt to live with it as it has been a little over 12 years for me in the industry now. But its not really fair on the so many other people tell the families involved. ”

Ileana Currently working with RaviTeja in Amar Akabar Anthony.




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