Pudhiya Tamzihagam Party lead by Dr. Krishnaswamy caste-based political party in Tamilnadu familiar in the Western part of Tamilnadu contested in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 along with the ADMK lead alliance with BJP, PMK, DMDK. This alliance was not able to taste the massive or descent victory in Tamilnadu though BJP rules the Center and ADMK rules the State. Only one Candidate won on behalf of ADMK its Ravindran son of Deputy Chief Minister O. PannerSelvam.

Krishnaswamy managed to get one seat on behalf of his party he contests in Loksabha election 2019 and couldn’t manage to win the election. Krishnaswamy during the press meet with happened on 28 May 2019 while answering reporters talks out of control and asked the caste of the reporter.

Reporter : Why did Krishnaswamy lost in the election ?

Krishnaswamy : Not only Krishnasway all 38 members lost the election.

Reporter : We know that what made Krishnaswamy to lose in the election ?

Krishnaswamy ( Pointing to Other reporters) : He always questions likes this ?

Krishnaswamy : Where are you from ?

Reporter : Ramnad

Krishnaswamy : Which Caste ?

All reporters started to question Krishnaswamy after few minutes of the incident. After the few minutes of quarrel and the meet ends a reporter moves the center and says not to ask such kind of question like which place , what religion and community. Krishnaswamy runs out of the press meet by saying no channel runs without caste and religion.