Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Saturday faced protest for his support to the Citizenship Amendment Act as he was delivering the inaugural address at the Indian History Congress at Kannur University.

In a series of tweets, the governor’s office alleged that eminent historian Irfan Habib tried to “disrupt” Mr Khan’s inaugural address and “physically stop him.”

“Inaugural meet of Indian History Congress does not raise controversies. But at 80th session at Kannur University, Shri Irfan Habib raised some points on CAA. But, when Hon’ble Governor addressed these points, Sh Habib rose from seat to physically stop him, as clear from video,” the first tweet, accompanied by a photo said.

In another tweet, the Kerala Governor’s office said, “Shri #IrfanHabib tried on stage to disrupt inaugural address questioning Hon’ble Governor’s right to quote #MaulanaAbdulKalamAzad, shouting that he should quote Godse. He pushed Hon’ble Governor’s ADC & Security Officer, who prevented his unseemly gesture.”

“Hon’ble Governor said that he had responded to points raised by previous speakers, as a person duty bound to defend and protect the Constitution. But trying to disrupt speech from stage and audience due to intolerance towards different opinion is undemocratic,” it added.

In a video posted by ANI, Arif Khan is heard saying, “Let these people know they can’t shout me down. I have heard them quietly, they must hear me quietly.”

Some of the delegates, sitting in front, also protested against Khan. Some students from universities outside the state were seen outside holding placards and raising slogans but were removed by police, PTI reported.

Khan has supported the BJP-led Centre’s move of bringing the controversial law. Last week, he said the Congress had “committed itself in 1947 to accept” the people who have already fled Pakistan and who are likely to flee because their lives and honour were in danger.

On Indian Muslims’ fear, the governor had said, “Nobody should have any fear that any Indian will be subjected to any harassment or any difficulties.Nobody should have that fear. These controversies which are created for political reasons, they last a few days.”

Massive protests have erupted across the country against the new citizenship law and a proposed NRC with Uttar Pradesh being most affected where 19 people have been killed. The new law promises citizenship to “illegal immigrants” belonging to minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who fled religious persecution in the three countries.

While critics say that the law is against the secular nature of the Indian Constitution and clubbed with the NRC may be misused to strip away some Muslims’ citizenship in the country.

The BJP, however, has argued that the law has nothing to do with India’s Muslims and only helps those who fled religious persecution in the neighbouring countries.

Courtesy : DNA

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