Hacker Jeeva gets the threat of his life when another hacker tries to destroy his dear ones.


Jeeva, Nicki Kalarani and Anika Podi

Kee Movie Plot:

We all would have understood Kee is a hacking based movie from trailer.

Jeeva and Arje Balaji both study in college together. Despite all the failures, all the hackers are more interested in developing skills. Jeeva is hacking into some things that they can hack the phone to learn about women stealing the questionnaire before the exam in the college. At the same time, college junior with Nikki Kalarani.

But on the other hand, some villain hacked the phones and using the data on them is some of the worst things that they are threatening, killing, triggering and committing suicide.

Later on, the Villain is trying to find Jeeva in search. Whether he has succeeded or not is the rest of the film.

Review :

Jeeva gave her a role as usual, but it did not attract much in the story because it was not interesting. The director has left the fortress in a good story though.

Nicky Kalarani has completed the roll of her. The director has used every pair of paddies just as attractive.

The big minus of anything that was shown on the screen about hacking across the film is not stressed. From the beginning to the end of the villain many things were unbelievable. Hack, cell phone, webcam, ATM, computer, car, base maker.