Karwa Chauth moonrise time in India is around 8 p.m. Millions of married women across North India are ready to witness the awaited Karva Chauth of this year 2018. Karwa Chauth 2018 will be celebrated on 27th of October.
What is Karwa Chauth?
Karva Chauth is a ritual followed in India basically is followed in Northern regions of India like Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana. As a part of the celebration, a married woman will awake early before the sunrise and will have a special meal called Sargi which will be prepared by mother in law in order to bless their daughter in law. After eating Sargi the married woman stays in fasting without food and water until she spots Karva Chauth. Once she sports Karwa Chauth moon she offers water to the moon to seek blessings. In return, her husband will offer food and water to their wives to break their fasting. What’s the fasting it’s over it’s a tradition followed all over North India.
Karva Chauth moon time in India is 8 p.m.

Place Moon rise timr
Lucknow 07:43PM
Delhi 07:55PM
Agra 07:56PM
Patiala 07:56PM
Ludhiana 07:57PM
Jalandhar 07:57PM
Amristar 08:00PM
Chennai 08:07PM
Hyderabad 08:09PM
Chandigarh 08:11PM
Bengaluru 08:19PM
Ahemedabad 08:24PM
Pune 08:26PM
Kochi 08:29PM
Mumbai 08:30PM

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