Bollywood Actress and Singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive once again COVID19. Kanika Kapoor arrested for the FIR filed against her for spreading Coronvirus in India. She recently visited the United Kingdom and returned to India without making a Coronavirus test in Airport Terminal. She and her sister also skipped the CVOID 19 test and entered India. Purposely Kanika attended two gatherings including holiday celebration.

Delhi EX Chief Minister Vasundra and MP Dushyant also attended the same gathering participated by Kanika Kapoor. MP Dushyant also attended Parliament session meeting. Its also rumored that Dushyant also met President Ram Nath Govind before testing coronavirus.

Kanika Kapoor Met Prince Charles

Out of all notable cases affected in the world. Prince of Wales Charles is also affected. He has been isolated in BrikHall. Kanika Kapoor attended a party and met Prince Charles on 17th June 2019 pictures if the event went viral after Prince Charles tested positive.

FIR filed against Kanika and taken into custody for the treatment on March 20. Kanika is presently admitted to the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), Lucknow. Director of the institute, Prof. RK Dhiman said that the singer’s condition was stable and there was no cause for worry. He also said that she is taking food normally and information circulated in the media that she is very sick is false. she was tested for the 5th time and positive for COVID 19 for the 5th Consecutive time.

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