Kangana Ranaut weighs in on controversy, hate and backlash

Kangana Ranaut is well-known as a controversy magnet who never backs down from causes worth fighting for. Her demeanor emanates composure even when she discusses controversial topics.

The star was invited for an interview with Pinkvilla, where she discussed controversy involvement and how she is affected by back to back hate and bashing.

She went on to define her version of success, stating, “I feel that only when you’re successful, then only people have an agenda against you otherwise nobody bothers about you.”

Kangana also revealed her mother’s reaction to the whole situation and what she feels when she hears of the backlash her daughter receives. 

Kangana was quoted as saying, “That’s what I say sometimes to my mother. She says why are there so many conflicts always in your life? I say, ‘Mumma, if I pack my bags and I go to Manali right now, everybody will be my best friend. They will love me for that. But if I hold my ground, if I am successful and if I keep at it, of course I am gonna have enemies.’ She knows that.”

The actor also stated that when she gave an interview to Rajat Sharma on Aap Ki Adalat, it ended with her having almost five lawsuits pushed against her name. This is why the star prefers for her sister to be the one to share tweets and messages on her behalf.

She also weighed on her attitude and how that has affected her stance in Bollywood. The star revealed, “Every battle in my life has been worth it. I fought for my dignity when a former co-actor put a case on me, tried to show me as mentally unstable or characterless individual who’s just piling onto men or trying to…I stood up for myself. Maybe there was no harm in terms of career or in terms of dignity and perception of an individual was at stake.”

The star reminisced on the drama which ensued after her comments on Karan Johar’s show. She admitted that by staying quiet she could have saved herself from two to three years’ worth of drama.

She said, “Going back to Karan Johar’s show, I could have escaped that conversation and it would have saved me so much drama that took place for 2-3 years in my life and the way industry has been divided between me and the rest of it. Would have not happened you know because he is very powerful.” 

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