Ivanukku Engaiyo Macham Irukku is an adult comedy entertainer. the story of the movie was inspired by Guntur Talkies a Telugu adult comedy movie. The movie begins with Vimal as a bartender in London came to Tamilnadu fall in love with Ashna and works in Pharmacy with Singampulli and does runs away with 5 lacks cash. villain chases them during the second half there ends the synopsis of the movie.
Rating: 2.00/5.00
IMEI is smilar to Iruturayil Muratukuthu .The essence of Ivanukku Engaiyo Macham Irukku should has been all about why an economically-weaker duo opts for committing a crime and end up in trouble which is discussed lesser compared to its sleazy show. Whatever the narration style adult-comedy.

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