The United States President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump ‘s personal secretary as tested positive for coronavirus. he is one of the prominent White House staff who contracted the coronavirus.

He was reportedly working from home for more than 2 months to reduce the risk of president daughter Ivanka Trump coronavirus contact. Vice president Mike Press Secretary and secret service member who serves President Trump meals have also tested positive for coronavirus recently. A dozens of secret service members also infected due to the contact.

The presence of coronavirus in packed in White House has raised questions whether United States leaders have them self been exposed to the pandemic. Trump recently encouraged United States to reopen and resume the business which or closed during the pandemic.

Early Trump also announced a ban on issuance of h1b visas to foreign nationalities.

So far Trump adjust all press briefing without any face mask. On 8th of May Trump visited elderly World War II veterans without face mask To honour them just a day before personal valet tested positive for coronavirus.

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