ISRO, which has successfully launched the Chandrayan-2 spacecraft, ISRO is turning its attention to the next phase of the solar exploration program. ISRO plans to launch a satellite named Aditya-L1 within six months from next year. The mission of the spacecraft is to explore the sun’s orbit about 15 million kilometers from Earth.

Scientists call the sun’s outer surface the corona. Fan-bearing heat waves, tens of thousands of kilometers from the center of the sun, are blowing in and out. The changes in this emitter, which has been continuously blowing for millions of years, are changing the environment on Earth.

ISRO scientists believe that by examining the Sun’s surface, the Earth’s ecological variability can be observed. In Solar Physics, ISRO says on its website that how the corona region receives so much heat is still unanswered.

ISRO President Sivan said the spacecraft would also be involved in research on particles emanating from the sun. Similarly, Sivan has said that ISRO will explore the planet and send the spacecraft over the next two to three years.