Sarkar another politically based movie which may lead to a revolution in Tamilnadu. Lead Actor Vijay, Director AR Murugadoss and Production Sun Pictures. Sun pictures who are the close associates of Tamilnadu opposition party DMK.

Whats in Sarkar?

A Global MNC company CEO visits his hometown to do is national duty to cast his vote on election. Someone has already made a counterfeit vote with his name. Vijay uses section 49p to cast his vote again because of that he has to stay in Chennai for a few weeks which made him join politics.

Why ADMK protest?

There are few scenes like people burning freebies like mixers, grinders, TV, and Fans which directly points ADMK government. Varalakshmi who plays the negative role name as Komalavalli the childhood name of Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha.

With all direct pointing to government Law Minister C.Ve Shanmugam said that legal action will be taken against the actors, directors, and producers before the actions ADMK Cadres started the protest.

The protest happened in all over the Tamilnadu, several shows were canceled and banners and cutouts are torn which fired up the Vijay fans.

Vijay fans are always expecting such kind of films actions by ADMK Cadres made them fired up Several videos are circulating in social media stating that fans warning those who torn the banner and cut out.

Some fans are moved a level up and started burning the mixers, grinders, Fans, and Laptops which were given by ADMK government.

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