Who Is the politician fall in love and cheated? Andrea opens up in Broken Wing

Andrea is famous for acting in films such as Pachaikkili Muttucharam, Thousand Oru, Palace, Tharamani, Vadasenai. She also sings background songs.

A few months ago, Andrea made a sensational revelation about her romantic failure while attending a privately organized event.

“I have a love for a married politician and actor. He tormented me mentally and physically. As a result of this breakup of love and depression, I took ayurvedic treatment. It was reported that I was talking about the name of the politician in the book I was writing.

Andrea was reportedly threatened and tried to prevent the book from being published. On the website, fans were questioning who was the politician who cheated Andrea.

Andrea’s current explanation is, “At the event I attended, I forgot to speak openly. It’s also true that some things have been revealed about my bad love. But he did not use the word politician in the show. Imagine someone left it. There is no politician who loved me. ”

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