Sanjiv Bhatt is an Ex IPS Officer who is known for filing affidavit in Supreme court against Narendra Modi in 2002 when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Sanjiv files the affidavit concerning Modi’s role in 2002 Gujarat riots.

A case dated back in 1990 made Sanjiv get life imprisonment in Jail. 1990 Sanji was posted as an additional Superintendent of Police in Jamnagar. During the Jamjodhpur riot, around 150 people were detained and released. All the detained persons were released after the riots settled. Vaishnani dies after the release and his made complaint against Sanjiv that his brother Amritbhai was severely beaten and tortured by Sanjiv and other 6 officers.

Bhatt was suspended in 2011 on charges of the remaining absent duty without permission using official vehicles and lated sacked in 2015, August.

Imprisonment was issued by Jamnagar sessions court under IPC section 302. Bhatt was currently in Palanpur Sub jail since September 2018 for the case of framing a lawyer for possession of drugs when he was superintendent of police in Banaskantha district.

The Controversial office is known for against Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 at the time of riots claimed that he was part of the meeting conducted by Modi in 27 February 2002, Where Modi had allegedly asked the policeman’s to “Let Hindus Vent Their Anger” after the Godhra Train burning Incident. However after the Investigation it came to know that Sanjiv didn’t attended the meeting.