Over One million people evacuated to protect from the cyclone Fani. Cyclone Fani making its lanfall in Odisha today. It was currently nearing Odisha at the speed of 170KmPh it was expected to increase upto 200 KmPh. Safety and Precautionary measures are already taken by the Government of Odisha earlier this week to protect damages from Fani. Fani was early expected to make it lanfall in Tamilnadu previous week 29th of April. Divertion in wind Fani moved to Andhra Pradesh and now moved to Odisha.

Two Ports are closed in Odisha. Several flights were cancelled around 147 trains are cancelled due to Fani cyclone. Relief team are in Standby mode to start the action. As per DGCA “All Airlines and Operators are informed that due to approaching Severe Cyclonic storm Fani flights from/to Bhuwaneshwar from 0001 03.05.2019 to 2359 03.06.2019 and Kolkata from 2130 03.05.2019 to 1800 04.05.2019 were cancelled in order avoid passengers in convenience and safety of operation. Resume of flight operation will begin after positive clearance from respective Air traffic Control “.

Cyclones that reached Odisha always made a death toll in 1971 a unnamed cyclone taken almost life 10,000 people which was drastically reduced to double digit after the safety measures by government. Officials also released the helpline numbers.

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