At a recent Union Cabinet meeting, it was approved to merge the Indian Railways’ eight services into one single entity, the Indian Railway Management Company (IRMS). Thereby the railway fares are to be reversed. Fees seem to be rising.

Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav interviewed reporters. He said: –

We are going to regulate rail passenger fares and freight charges. It is impossible to elaborate on this now. Raising tariffs is a serious matter. Freight charges are already high. Our goal is to convert freight rail from freight to road. It is necessary to consult in detail before making a final decision.

So far, the Railway Board has selected the employees through exams. Henceforth, railway employees will be selected by the Central Employee Select Board (UPSC).

UPSC Employees are to be selected in 5 sections for Railways. There are 4 categories of civil, mechanical, telecommunications and electrical engineering technology. One is the non-technical category. This includes selecting accounting, transportation, and other personnel.

Once the applicants have completed their primary exam, they are required to submit the IRMS. You should specify which company you want to join. Details of this employee selection will be released later.

Officers with over 35 years of experience in Railways will be appointed to the post of Railway Board Chairman. Until the merger is completed, all officers can continue with the present work. Even an employee will not be affected, including the layoff. Thus he said.