Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar arrived in India on Sunday as part of a private visit, sources reported. Varadkar, who is of Indian-origin, has come to the country to meet his family. The Irish PM’s father, Ashok Varadkar, is from Maharashtra.

Leo Varadkar has been serving as the Taoiseach, which is the post of the prime minister and head of government of Ireland, since June 2017. He is also the leader of Fine Gael – one of the two prime political parties in Ireland.

However, Varadkar came in news in 2015 when he came out as gay, the first Irish Minister to do so. He is currently one of the only openly gay heads of governments of the modern age, besides being the first Taoiseach of Indian-origin.

Last year, he had featured in Fortune’s annual list of 40 young and influential people in the field of business inspiring others with their work. Fortune said that while Ireland has long defined mass emigration, “yet remarkably, its new prime minister is the son of a Hindu immigrant from Mumbai.” The former doctor is Ireland’s youngest leader in centuries as well as its first-ever openly gay one, “no small detail in his devoutly Catholic country.” Varadkar, however, dismisses all that as irrelevant.

Courtesy : DNA

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