Mukesh Ambani’s family has asked for information about foreign assets that have not been shown to them, according to sources from the Income Tax Department.

Under the Black Money Laundering Act, Mukesh Ambani’s wife Neeta Ambani and her 3 children were reportedly sent a notice by the Income Tax Department on March 28 and the operation is said to have been kept confidential.

The notice is said to have been sent on a complaint of foreign income and assets not shown in the account. Tiruntat information released.
Income Tax Department sources said that the seven countries that have signed an agreement with India to share details of money laundering prevention have asked for details of foreign assets not shown in the Mukesh Ambani family account.

At a recent quarterly meeting in Ukraine this month, it exchanged information about “members of the Mukesh Ambani family” over alleged so-called “foreign income and assets”. 

Switzerland, Belgium, US, UK, Mauritius, Luxembourg, and St. Lucia have asked for the details and are expected to respond within 90 days, according to sources from the IRS.