The Controversial Heroine Sri Reddy takes internet updated Facebook status has I am still a virgin so what. Sri Reddy Tollywood actress who has been fighting against casting couch in the film industry. She claimed that several actors and directors shared the bed with her for movie chances. But according to her, she is still a virgin.

More than her movies she became famous in her interview revealing the directors names who shared bed with her. Taken the casting couch to next level and revealed the name of the actors and director actor Suresh Babu son and Rana Daggubati brother Abhiram Daggubati and Indian Idol same singer Shri Ram Chandra mynampati. Kona Venkat, AR Murugadoss, Sundar C, Viva Harsha, koratala Siva, and Nani. Authenticity of the names repeat by actress area it remains doubtful.

Some of the actor and directors didn’t responded for Sri Reddy allegations some responded that she is doing for Sheep publicity Fame.

Shockingly sad pictures of herself showing middle finger in social media.

She once strips herself in public place and protest against the directors and actors abused her sexually.

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