Before getting in to the point first lets see Why Tamilrockers is Banned. Tamilrockers is South Indian based piracy website which majorly focus on releasing all South Indian Movie especially Tamil movies on the same day of release which incurred a huge lose to producers, distributors and all associates of the movie. In order to bring in control Tamil Producer council blocked Tamilrockers domain by proceeding to TRAI.

How to access a block sites or TamilRockers

Any internet user an access any websites even if the country blocks websites it can be accessible in various methods.

  • Proxy Website
  • VPN

Proxy Website

Proxy websites are the duplicate copy of the version since the main website is blocked Domain Manager used to have a back up through all domains cannot be banned at single phase. The URL you are trying to access has content from another your. Assume You country blocks manager of the domain still has backup and embeds in Now if u access which is not blocked will display the content of because is embedded into Legally as well technically it’s possible to block also.

Here are the complete list list Tamilrockers Proxy sites

S.NO TamilRocker Proxy Sites/Unblock Site SPEED WORKING
1 Very Fast Yes
2 Very Fast Yes
3 Fast Yes
4 Slow Yes
5 Very Fast Yes
6 Slow Offline
7 Fast Yes
8 Very Fast Yes
9 Fast Yes
10 Fast Yes
11 Slow Offline
12 Fast Yes
13 Fast Yes
14 Slow Offline
15 Very Fast Yes


Virtual Private Network which more common all around the world. VPN secures your browsing not only for accessing the blocked site but also protects your private browsing. VPN blocks submitting your sensible content to Internet Service Provider hides your identity and access website for you. Imagine you want to make an anonymous call you are making the call with the help of the third person.

List of TOP 5 VPN Providers

Most VPN charge for the usage they are not Internet Service Providers. There many Chrome, FireFox free extensions available in the market.



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