If you are using an Android smart phone and your power button is broken and your mobile is turned off but you still want to turn it on. Yes you have still hope to do it. To turn on you android phone without the power button you need a PC,tool,and usb debugging mode must be enabled to do it so.

1. Download the Recovery-Download (CMD):

a. https://goo.gl/GJQUJu
b. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ky0x96z…

2. Extract Recovery-Download (CMD) Zip file in your Desktop.

3. Connect your micro-USB connector to your phone.

4. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button while connecting the phone to your PC/Laptop, keep pressing the VOLUME DOWN button until the Boot Logo appears and then the Download Menu should appear. (You can release the VOLUME DOWN button at this point and leave your phone at the side.)

5. Open the Recover-Download (CMD) Folder.

6. Open cmd.

7. Type “ reboot” (without quotations) and then press enter.

8. Your phone should turn off by itself and then restart.

You’re done! 🙂

Suresh Kumar

As Senior Medical Advisor in Access healthcare, Suresh straddles the neighbourly but often fender-bending worlds of reporting and editing. He will narrate any story as long as it is packed with irony and...

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