Recent RTI shows how much expense made for Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha funeral. Ex Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha was admitted in Apollo hospital on September 22 .2016. After the treatment for 75 days, it was announced that chief minister Jayalalitha was no more. A lot of confusions and doubts arises after the death of J Jayalalitha a Commission under Arumugasamy was formed to investigate Jayalalitha death.

In the meantime, Syed Tameem from Madurai file RTI and asked several questions about J Jayalalitha death RTI revealed some shocking information about the funerals. Questions like what is the time of death when was the death announced what was the expense incurred father funeral RTI answered all the questions.

As per the ODI records Jayalalitha was died on December 5 2016 announcement was made on the same day. The government has not paid any amount for Jayalalithaa’s medical treatment.

Father another question what was the expense incurred for Jayalalitha funeral it was a sum of 99 lacs 83586 rupees was spent father funeral of Jayalalitha the expanse was paid by the government.

Father another question who is getting the pension of Jayalalitha internal data was Sir member of legislative assembly she died during her working period prosperity a the information about the pension-related or kept with Tamil Nadu secretariat.

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