Hotel Sarvana Bhavan owner Rajagopal passed away today in Chennai. After been admitted to the intensive care unit, his life was divided without treatment. Rajagopal is the owner of Hotel Saravana Bhavan. Rajagopal, who was suffering from a health ailment, arrived in an ambulance just before surrendering. Then the court complex was still ill.

He was admitted to Stanley hospital without before to jail. In the case of difficulty breathing, artificial respiration was applied and treated started there.

Despite of treatment Still, health continued to deteriorate. His son Saravanan had filed a petition in the High Court stating that Stanley Hospital had no access to basic amenities but that it should be allowed to be treated in a private hospital.

The court also granted permission to transfer Rajagopal to a private hospital. Following this, Raja Gopal was admitted to the Vijaya Hospital in Vadapalani last night.

In the ICU intensive care unit, doctors continued to treat. However, Rajagopal died in hospital this morning after treatment.

After some minor disputes in his business, he approached the astrologer and consulted. If you marry a young girl at the age of 3, you will be rich in your life, ”he said. Rajagopal had earlier shown the horoscope of Jeevajodi, the daughter of the assistant manager working at her hotel. He is the right woman for you. So marry him.

After somehow convincing Jeeva Jothi’s father, Rajagopal could not bring Jeeva Jothi out of the way. Jeeva jothi married Prince Shanthakumar, who she liked.

Furious, Rajagopal kidnapped Shanthakumar and killed him in Kodaikanal. The Supreme Court upheld the life sentence awarded by the Madras High Court in this case.