High Court confirms lifetime imprisonment for Hotel Saravanan Bhavan owner RajaGopal.

The case filed against Hotel Saravanan Bhavan owner Rajagopal in 2001 ended up his life in prison. 2001, Rajagopal was arrested for the murder case of Francis Santhakumar husband of Jeeva Jothi. Rajagopal was much interested and fond of Jeeva Jothi. Jeeva Jothi is the daughter of HSB manager. Though Jeeva Jothi is married to Francis Santhakumar Rajagopal wanted to marry her. Francis Santhakumar strongly objected this marriage and the dispute between them goes on.

Francis Santhakumar dead body was found near Kodaikanal after months of this dispute and police arrested Rajagopal after the investigation. Rajagopal repealed the case in 2009 but Public Prosecutor wanted to have lifetime imprisonment for Rajagopal. After 10 years of time HC orders to Rajagopal to have imprisonment.

It was rumoured that Rajagopal ‘s HSB’s overseas shares were given to one of the ruling party during the case tenure.

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