DMK seeks to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act . The rally is being held in Chennai today (Monday) on behalf of coalition parties. varagi, an Indian People’s Forum leader and journalist, filed an urgent case in the Madras High Court demanding a ban on the rally.

In that case, the DMK party leaders have decided to rally illegally without the proper sanction of the police. The law-and-order issue is the result of the students’ struggle already. If this is the case, the political parties will have to fight such a law and order issue. Moreover, without properly understanding the Citizenship Amendment Act, the TMC will not. The parties involved must be banned from participating in the struggle. He was demanding that the police be ordered not to grant permission for the rally.

Similarly, lawyer R. Krishnamurthy also filed a separate case.

Judges S. Vaidyanathan and BD Asha took up the case at 9.15 pm last night. State Bladder Jayaprakash Narayanan, Attorneys Janakiraman and R. Krishnamurthy appeared on behalf of the petitioner. The argument that followed was: –

State Bladder: – DMK The police considered the application for permission to rally on their behalf. Then, will the rally be burned at this rally? Is there a possibility of violence? 21 questions were sent to the DMK, including 21 questions. Of these, the DMK will not answer most questions, including key questions. The police have refused to grant permission for the rally as it has been filed on the ground.

Judges: – DMK to protest against police refusal Is there any case being filed on behalf?

Government Bladder: – No. No prosecution so far.

Judges: – Even if the police do not give permission, if they go beyond the barrier, what if something goes wrong? Every day we see a number of violent incidents, such as bus burns, railway breaks through the media. If that happens, who is responsible? Unnecessarily damaging public property and harming the public should not occur.

Government Bladder: – There is no chance of that happening. If the rally is not allowed, they should not march. Maybe the police know how to break the law and maintain law and order.

Judges: – Can you take full responsibility if something goes wrong? Shop volunteers are the first to stand out in a rally and rally. Volunteers are the first victims of any incident such as riots and beatings. As the leader stands behind, there is no harm. That is why the Supreme Court has already ruled that the party leader is responsible for the riots and the destruction of public property in such cases. So, if the rally is to be held, the political parties will have to pay Rs 1 crore. If the public property is damaged, the property must be charged more than 2 times the value of the damaged property. This is not our order. This is our opinion. Thus the argument took place.

The judges then said, “Everyone has the right to peacefully march and march in a democratic country. Such a struggle cannot be prevented. At the same time, the public and public property should not be affected. Therefore, in case of inconvenience, the DMK should be able to take action against the appropriate persons. And the coalition parties have to video all of the marches on Monday (today). Flying cameras should be used in the area. The leaders should be held accountable for any untoward incident, ”they said.