BJP makes first step in South after Lok Sabha election 2019

Secular Janata Dal-Congress alliance rule in Karnataka The 16 MLAs, dissatisfied with the state, recently resigned from their posts. Following their resignation, various political chaos persists in the state. Dissatisfied MLAs have sought the Supreme Court since the Speaker did not accept his resignation even a week after the MLAs resigned.

In this case, the Speaker cannot be compelled. Similarly, the Supreme Court ruled that MLAs should not be forced to participate in a confidence vote in the state. Subsequently, the debate on the vote of confidence in the Assembly has been held for the past few days. The government was disappointed with the 16 MLAs who hoped it would come to their side. Dissatisfied MLAs have not changed from their standpoint.

At today’s meeting, Chief Minister Kumaraswamy apologized to the people of Karnataka. At the time, I apologize to the 6 crore people in Karnataka. I thank the Congress leaders who were responsible for this. Although I had no desire to come to politics, I came to politics under the pressure of my father. However, as the 2018 election came to an end, I decided to quit politics. I have made a lot of mistakes. At the same time, I have done a lot of good things. They ask why I haven’t resigned yet.

At this time, I do not want to talk about Article 10 or other legal issues. Happy to sacrifice. The BJP seeks to seize control of the BJP through corruption. ”He then called on the Speaker to hold a vote of confidence.

Accordingly, a vote of confidence was conducted by voice vote. First, the pro-government MLAs voted. Each row stood up and cast their votes by voice vote. Later, those opposed to the state voted. Later, the Speaker announced the hard decision.

There were 99 votes in favor of the Kumaraswamy government and 105 votes against. The absence of 6 members has resulted in the Kumaraswamy-led government losing its majority. The chaos is over. The 14-month Congress has ended the secular democratic government. Yeddyurappa has sought the right of the governor to rule as he has a majority.