Dhanush is studying in Chennai. Film shooting is taking place in the college where he studies. Dhanush falls in love with Megha Akash, who makes her debut as a heroine in the film. Then the two begin to fall in love. That college has been shooting for over 2 months. 
Both are in love. Megha Akash, who tells Dhanush that he is an orphan, says that the director of the film was developing him from an early age. At the insistence of her, she says that the film. Dhanush takes him to his hometown without anyone knowing.

It’s been rumored that Vels productions made all efforts to remove blacklist card from GVM and his movies. Since GVM signed to direct a movie for Vel producer’s son. A movie named Joshua. GVM’s Dhurvanatchathiram is also cleared the black card is under post-productions to get released.

A few days later, the film’s director, Dhanush returns home in search of Megha Akash. Megha Akash is going to Mumbai with the director after telling Dhanush 5 days later to come to see him. Similarly, after 5 days, Dhanush goes to Mumbai to see Megha Akash and wanders in search of him. Frustrated with not finding anywhere, Dhanush returns home. Dhanush awaits a call from him and is disappointed. 
In a similar situation, after four years, Suddenly calling Dhanush, Megha Akash says he is in trouble in Mumbai and wants to save himself. Did Dhanush go to Mumbai and save Megha Akash after that? Are the two connected? The rest.

Dhanush, as usual, is attracted by his extraordinary performance. Every scene is branded as Love, Action and Sentimental Views. Megha Akash is fascinated by her beauty. Chemistry works out between Dhanush-Megha Akash is a plus. 
Though Sasikumar arrives a little later, his character is at the turning point of the film. Gautham Menon, who has been acting in the village story so far, said that the film is different in style and speaking in English. 
Gautam Menon handled the story with the specialty. Gautam Menon, who specializes in telling love stories, continues to improve himself day by day. The verses are also a great strength for the film. Moving romantic scenes can be a bit tiring.

Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is a treat to the eyes. With the songs of Darbhaka Siva already hit the semi, Visual takes it to the next level.