Google literally Remove China Apps from it’s officials app downloading platform play store.

A few weeks earlier Indians raged into play store and downloaded the Tiktok app and rated 1-star rating to the mobile application which is the lowest rating that can be awarded to any app in play store. More than 5 million downloads made to downvote the app. The crucial incident decreased TikTok rating to 1.2 Star from 4.5. The issue arises after several Tiktok users made videos against Hindu Muslim communities in India. previously twitter trends with #bantiktalkinindia hashtag. After carries YouTube video about YouTube wishes Tiktok made the saturation point to uninstall Tiktok from users mobile.

Goolge removed more than 80+ Lakhs of reviews from play store against TikTok

After few weeks Tiktok official email ID complaints to play store about the above incident and play store also removed reviews related to the issue. Slowly Tiktok also regained his star rating back. Meanwhile several Indian started and installing other Chinese mobile applications. Special app was created by an Indian which was clear replica of Tiktok called Mitron. Some people started using Mitroo instead of Tik Tok after few days due to policy violation Play Store remove the application.

Around 5 million downloads were done to the app after the few days of launch.

Another mobile application named remove Chinese app was also removed from Play Store. This application clearly lists only the Chinese applications that are available in Play Store. So that any user can identify the the Chinese applications and stop using the applications is there mobiles. The main purpose of the application is to identify and remove china based apps in Play Store.

This app also removed by the Play Store due to the policy violation. The app was released by One Touch Labs

Dear Friends, Google has removed “Remove China Apps” from google play store.

Thank you all for your support in past 2 weeks. “You Are Awesome”

OneTouchLabs Official Update on removal of Remove China App

After Mitron ‘ Remove China App’ Suspended from Google Play Store. The App crossed a million downloads within 10 days of its launch

Megha Vishwanath, Assistant Editor CNBC-TV18

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