#GoBackModi one of the trending hashtag used in social media against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. #GoBackModi was started by Tamilnadu a years back when Narendra Modi visited Chennai. All over the Chennai black flags and black baalloons were shown fot Modi’s visit. Two weeks earlier same #GoBackModi started trending in Twitter when he visited Madurai, Tamilnadu for AIIMS inaugural function.

PrimeMinister Narendra Modi visited North Eastern parts of India for . A Crowd of people in Assam shows black flags to welcome Modi and in several people Chant “GoBackModi”. In order to support Modi visit #NorthEastForModi , #Namo4Assam , #BharatBacksModi is trending along with #GoBackModi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will Inagurated 12 Hydro Electrical Projects of 110MW in Arunachal Pradesh.

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