As per Indian officials Pakistan had violated the conventions by releasing a purported video showing him tied up and bloodied on social media.Under Article 3 of Geneva Conventions every party is required to treat prisoners humanely regardless of ongoing circumstances.

The Geneva Conventions were signed by world leaders in 1949 following the horrors of the second world war. Ratified by 196 countries, it is the most widely-supported international treaty of its kind.The Geneva Conventions extensively defined the basic rights of wartime prisoner, including civilians and military personnel, established protections for the wounded and sick, and established measures to safeguard civilians in and around a war-zone.


Four Geneva Conventions

I: This convention protects wounded and infirm soldiers and ensures humane treatment without discrimination founded on race, color, sex, religion or faith, birth or wealth, etc.

The convention prohibits torture, assaults upon personal dignity, and execution without judgment. It also grants the right to proper medical treatment and care.

Convention II: This agreement extended the protections described in the first convention to shipwrecked soldiers and other naval forces, including special protections afforded to hospital ships.

Convention III: One of the treaties created during the 1949 convention, this defined ‘Prisoner of War,’ and accorded such prisoners proper and humane treatment as specified by the first convention.

Specifically, it required POWs to give only their names, ranks, and serial numbers to their captors. Nations party to the convention may not use torture to extract information from POWs.

Convention IV: Under this convention, civilians are afforded the same protections from inhumane treatment and attack afforded to sick and wounded soldiers in the first convention.

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