Rise of an Hindu Muslim debate in food ordering app begins Claiming that the Zomato company is discriminated against by the halal code mentioned in food distribution companies.

Refusing to buy food brought by a non-Hindu, a customer canceled the order and made a complaint in twitter in response to the complaint Zomato replied “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion”.

While this is praised by Several users, some are registering new opposition. The Zomato app, which refuses to see religion, has questioned whether the halal code is coded in the diet of a particular community, and whether this is a double standard.

Positive tweet by Zomato Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion. Was Retweet by its competitor Uber eats and says We stand by you.

And they are dropping their star rating for the Somato in the Play Store by one point. Similarly, they are questioning why there is no mention of Jadka food which is considered halal.

Zomato explained that restaurants would decide what kind of information their customers would like to offer and that they would consider adding jatka dishes.However, some customers are uninstalling the app from their phones.