Srilankan Buddhist racism has rocked since Gotabhaya Rajapakse assumed office in Srilanka. Minister Janaka Bandara Tennakoon shocked the Tamil people by announcing that the national anthem will no longer be played in Tamil. changing the country’s national anthem being sung in SriLankan and Tamil on Independence day.

According to the constitution of Srilanka, the Gotabhaya government is taking steps to isolate Tamils as a linguistic and communal language. leaving Tamil as the official language and co-national language.

The gotabhaya Rajapaksa government is in the process of intimidating Tamilnadu fishermen. On December 27, 13 fishermen went fishing in the sea from the pudukottai district- jegadapattinam port. the SriLankan navy has arrested all of them for crossing the border. It has also confiscated all three spectacles used for fishing and taken to Sri Lanka.

The incident has shocked the Tamilnadu fishermen and the SriLankan navy has again fired at the gunmen who were fishing near Kachchatheevu island yesterday. the SriLanka navy has also damaged several lakhs of fishing gears. The gotabhaya Rajapakshe government continued hatred of Tamils deserves serious condemnation.

The SriLankan government has already amended the Srilanka maritime act to arrest fishermen crossing the border imprisonment for up to three years confiscate boats and imprison millions of rupees.

Therefore I urge the central government to take immediate action to release the 13 Tamil Nadu fishermen who were arrested by the Srilankan navy and rescue the fishing boats. Thus he said