The Farmers’ Union and the Agricultural Workers Union have jointly announced that the farmers will engage in the 8th road picket and rail picket strike as urged by the NGOs.

In a statement jointly issued by Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Union State Secretary Shanmugam and State Secretary of All India Agricultural Workers Union Amirthalingam said: –

Central BJP  government continues to adopt policies that are hostile to farmers and agricultural workers. 

The main demands include: –

* The recommendation of the Swaminathan Committee for agro-commodities is to increase the production cost by 50 percent and determine the price.

* Revoke the Citizenship Amendment Act.

* A road rally and rail picket strike has been scheduled to be held in about 500 places in Tamil Nadu on 8th, highlighting 9 demands including the convening of a parliamentary special meeting to discuss the issues of farmers and agricultural workers.