Fans Expectation: Will Ajith join Twitter in 2020 ?

There is much anticipation among fans whether Ajith will join Twitter.

Famous actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have taken to Twitter to account for everything from young actors to actresses. They post their comments and details of the acting films and are in direct contact with the fans. But Vijay and Ajith Kumar are not on Twitter.

Yet fans of the two periodically make hashtags and spit out Twitter. Vijay and Ajith starring new films Although Vijay does not have a direct account on Twitter, he does have an account on behalf of his office.

Vijay’s new films and trailers are out. Ajit Kumar refuses to attend public events after dissolving fan club No participation in film festivals. He is also pushed from social websites. Fans are trending on Twitter for the first look trailer of her films.

In this case, Ajith Kumar has called on Twitter on behalf of India. It also lets fans know how much they like his films. Will Ajit Kumar join Twitter on accepting this invitation? That is the expectation among fans.

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