ICC 2019 World Cup Semi finals made millions of Indian fans to shed tears.

New Zealand batting was interrupted and match cancelled for the day and rest of the match began next day. India’s opening batsmen Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat made a huge disappointment to to Indian fans. Though the possibility of India winning against India reduced drastically score was 92/6. But the hope remains still yes Dhoni and Jadeja were are the strikes.

Dhoni at one end holding wickets and Jadeja on the other end playing a average batting. Both managed to fill the score cards with less than the average run rate. Every ball moves on as per Dhoni’s master strategy. A few minutes before winning moments India lost Jadeja wicket. Dhoni Jadeja managed to score 100 partnership.

After the loss of Jadeja Dhoni wanted to hold the strike and don’t want B Kumar to move to strike. Dhoni after scoring his Half century tried to get strike and failed to achieve it. Yes Dhoni gets run out while trying to score his second run.

This world cup was expected to be the last World Cup match for Dhoni. Team India wants to win World Cup for Dhoni. Dhoni already retired from test matches. After the match ends Virat made a statement that Dhoni has not made any statement about his retirement and he’ll probably play 2020 ICC T20 World Cup.