Kadaram Kondan Starring Vikram, Abhi, Akshara Hasan, Lena, Yogi Babu produced by Raj Kamal Films.

Rating 3.00/5.00

A man visits a hospital with several injuries. A group of gangsters kidnap the doctor’s wife who works there and bring the man out of the hospital. One side cleans up a mob to kill that criminal. Police chasing the other side. What happened in the context of this. Was that doctor’s wife saved? Did the culprit and the doctor escape? That is the story.

Spanish movie Point blank, released in 2010. The official remake of the film is credited. There are no major changes in the story and screenplay. That is a great comfort. Point blank depends on the type of seat edge thriller. In Tamil as well as in the first scene of the film begins to stir. It was good idea to change the background of the film to Tamil to Malaysia. There is a risk that the character will be undermined by the nature of the story. Improving the film in Tamil is a great thriller experience. But, many places in the film are without logic. How criminal get into the police station when he was l searched throughout the city? Who is Vikram really? What is he doing? Many questions are not answered in the picture. The background of the characters is not properly clarified.

Point blank has been remade in several languages for its spread. The peak of this is the Korean version.Vikram has long since mixed in to stylish action. Half the time Dialogue speaks from his eyes. Akshara Hassan has done her role beautifully. Abhi is the most important character in this. But he has a lot of stumbling blocks. Adjusting will help in the next pictures.

Director Rajesh M Selva could have fixed a lot of the logic loopholes in the film and might have paid little attention to the script.

Gibran mixes as usual. In the film BGM May gets a impressive name in Ktown. Praveen KL also runs the editing requirements. It seems to ask why this hurry. Sreenivas is not only in the camera action scenes but also in the film. The action film but no action scene comes to mind. The Action thriller, which is not entirely satisfactory, is in charge.

Strengths – Vikram, running screenplay. Action, Thriller,

Weakness – Logic holes throughout the picture.

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