A phone conversation and the subsequent discussions from the night have come to talk on Facebook and Twitter. The words are exchanged between the Naam Tamizhar Party coordinator Seaman’s Assistant Pugzhendi and Dhanasekar. They both complain of untold words. In that case, Dhanasekar says that Seeman has attempted to kill himself in Malaysia. Therefore, it is not simply a phone conversation that can be crossed.

There are two people who speak in private words, but in the ongoing election campaign, some of the DMK leaders talked about the worst words on the stage. The speaker is the women of the alternative party, in general, An explicit words spoke. Whenever Website intellectuals kind of criticism did not register. In a public injuriously who spoke leave personally talked to exaggerate the need! The reason, the NTK’s related to the conversation log, rapidly spreading.

Who is Dhanasekaran remains unknown and why Seeman sent people to all Dhanasekaran Accuitance residence to investigate about Dhanasekaran and his location. Seeman’s Assistant also keen in asking about the address of Dhanasekaran rather than talking anything else. Does Seeman really tried to murder Dhanasekar all the question remains unknown. If it is really so why Dhanasekaran not lodged any complaint on Seeman in Malaysia or in India? All the answers for these questions are with Dhanasekaran.

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