Tesla CEO Elon Musk Challenges California officials to arrest him. Musk reopens is US vehicle factory in California by disobeying the order issued by officials to stay closed. He mentioned if anyone has to be trusted you should be me.

Elon Musk not accepting the lockdown from the very beginning and claims lockdown is against individual rights. He is threatened to leave California for Texas or Niveda after which factory closure due to the lockdown.

An official mail from Tesla on Monday referring to an order issued by the California government to allow manufacture to resume operations and said that has of Sunday. We are happy to get back to work and have implemented very detailed plans to help you keep safe as you return. As per the mail seen by Reuters.

Musk mentioned his arrest in a tweet. Production was resuming on Monday adding that he would join workers on the Assembly line if anyone is arrested I ask that it only be me.

As per the officials, there should be a proposal plan from any factory or company that are planned to be opened. Health officials in Alameda County said that they were aware of Tesla reopening beyond the so-called minimum basic operations allowed during the lockdown and also notified that he could not operate without any County approved plan. This means there should be a proposal plan and it should be approved by the officials.

Hope Tesla will likewise comply without the enforcement measures added officials. Violating the lockdown regulations will be a punishable offense by fine or imprisonment or both.

Musk previously decided to open his second factory in California before lockdown. Since after his threat to leave California officials of Texas Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma and Nevada have reached must on Twitter to reallocate to their respective States. Texas even supports immediate accommodation of Tesla and also invited so for a site visit

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