The 3rd phase of the parliamentary elections was held today. Elections were held for 26 parliamentary constituencies in Gujarat. Subsequently, Prime Minister Modi recorded his vote in Ahmedabad. He came in an open jeep before voting. Then Modi walked down the road and delivered a short speech to the people.

He said, “The main weapon of terrorism is ‘IED’. Similarly, the main weapon of democracy is ‘vote’. Your voter identity card is stronger than IED. That’s why you all need to know the power of your voter card. ”

Following this, the opposition accused Modi of violating the Election Code of Conduct. On behalf of the Congress Party, the Election Commission has been complaining. In the complaint, Prime Minister Modi has spoken to people before voting and violates election rules. It has been suggested that he be barred from campaigning for 48 to 72 hours. Following this, the Election Commission of Gujarat has ordered the Chief Election Officer to explain the matter.

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