Duraimurugan quits DMK’s treasurer post and applies for General secretary posting after the demise of Anbhzagan. Dhirimurugan officially submitted letter to DMK leader MK Stalin.

Party leader MK Stalin announced that the DMK general committee to elect a new general secretary would convene on the 29th.

DMK leader Stalin has announced that Durumurugan has written to him saying that he will quit as treasurer as the general secretary is contesting for the post of the treasurer.

In a statement issued by MK Stalin today (March 16), he said, “By the last 15th statement, the DMK general committee meeting will be held on Sunday 29th August at 10 am. It was announced that it would take place.

In a letter dated 16 th, DMK Treasurer Durairamurgan acknowledges to me that the Secretary General is trying to compete and therefore he is stepping down.

Therefore, the General Secretary and the Treasurer will be elected at the General Meeting to be held on the 29th. I urge all members of the General Committee to attend regularly. ”