Durai Vaiko businessman and son of MDMK General secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Vaiko shared a social awareness video about Coronavirus Pandemic. This MBA graduate is not part of MDMK so far and there is no authentic news to confirm his presence in MDMK.

Durai Vaiko about Coronavirus

In a short video explained about COVID 19 and benefits of social distancing. Coronavirus has spread all over the world China marked with 80,000 cases, Italy with 50,000 cases , 20,000 cases in Spain Iran, Germany and Britain with 15,000 cases, and USA with 15,000 cases as on March 21st. As Per Indian government official statement its 200+ cases registered but as per my knowledge it would more than 1000 cased but most of them would have not registered yet. Symptoms of COVID 19 cannot be found as soon as infected by coronavirus even in the medical test rather it would take some days to find it even in the medical test.

With a population of more than 1.38 Billion whereas Italy with 60 Million, Italy registered with 50,000 cases and death rate around 4000+. With the highest population in India its very difficult to control the Coronavirus Pandemic. India needs 1 Doctor per 1000 patients, 1 hospital per 1000 patients with individual beds.

Durai Vaiko urges that it would be difficult to control Coronavirus Pandemic in India. Even the developed nations like the USA and the UK suffer from a lack of medical aid to patients. He also explains the benefits of Self-distancing and Self Quarantine. He wants to avoid family gatherings like Weddings, Receptions and other gatherings.

“Corona Virus mainly affects people with diabetics, respiratory problems, Blood pressure, dialysis, patients undergoing cancer treatments and also aged people.” Covid -19 also affects people with younger age.”

Durai Vaiko

Regardless of age, community, religion COVID 19 affects everyone.

Durai Vaiko

Central and State Government working at their best to control Coronavirus Pandemic. Few students from the UK recently entered India at Hyderabad Airport where these students in order to avoid Quarantine used paracetamol tablets to control their fever and passed temperature tests and entered India. Later on of the student stated this incident to the officials.

The central government sanctioned enough powers to the State Government to imprison persons with COVID 19 symptoms and fails to do Self-quarantine. These persons can be sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment.

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