Durai Vaiko is one of the few who voiced out for the awareness of Coronavirus Pandemic and Lockdown. From the very beginning of Lockdown, he constantly helping out the poor for their basic commodities. During the first Lockdown implementation, he donated groceries and other basics to Chennai Corporation AE.

Durai Vaiko in his recent online Conference with Tamil Youth Entrepreneurs on How to handle the coronavirus joined the meeting in the Late Evening with many personalties and Enterpruners from various parts of the world. Abdul Karim( Bahrain), Vijaya Shankar Ashokan(Sweden), Sen Balan(Oman), Abdul Rahaman(Qatar), Jesheela Banu (Dubai), Muthamizh Ilakiya(Baharain), Rahamathula (Dubai – UAE), Muthukumar (Kuwait), Muhammed Rafiq(Canada), Parveen Banu Hans (India).

In the meeting hosted by Valam Bashir on June 28th evening at 8 PM. Durai interacted with personalities from various regions and observed their struggle during the lockdown.

Durai mentioned about the impact of Coronavirus will be high and severe in India in the month of March. The Calculative decision and measures he mentioned during the first phase of lockdown are matching the current situation now. After the 100 days of Corona’s impact in India. He even predicted that India will be 2 positions in the list of the most affected nations as of now India stands 4th worldwide following The United States, Brazil, Russia.

Assuming a Case Study from the Chennai which is similar to Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata around 10,000 Covid-19 tests are made every day for different types of Public around 18% of them are tested positive of Coronavirus out of them which is 1800. Assuming 10% of the affected people need ventilators and hospitalization which will be inadequate in upcoming months if the same positive rate strikes day by day.

Moreover, Doctors and Nurses who are working for 12- 13 hours every day to fight against novel virus would be affected mentally as well physically since they are working for the past three months continuously. They are working along with the PPE kits every day and missing their own families which increases the mental strength.

Herd Immunity will control the virus spread among the public if it reaches approxmiately 60% of the population but unfortunately its not possible in India. 60% population will cause huge number lifes

Durai Vaiko in World Tamil Entrepreneurs Meeting

Nearly 132 Medical groups from various parts of the world working to find out the vaccine to Coronavirus. But it will nearly take months to come to the market. Vaccines can be released only after it hits the success rate followed by the Side effect testing then Clinical trials and Human Clinical trials. Moderna Inc, Oxford Astrazeneca, CanSino Biologics, GSK Adjuvant are the vaccines from different regions that are in progress to supply. He added to the conference.

Speaking about the Industries Corporates to Micro Industry various organizations affected by the coronavirus. The United States and Canada manage better in handling the lockdown. Canada credits 2000$ to every Unemployed citizen in the nation and deferred loan payment during the lockdown. In India, the loan EMI has to be paid in the after the three months with extra interest for late payment for every month. Canada also launched an Emergency loan schemes for business and awarded a maximum of $40000 as a loan if $30000 paid back within 2020 $10,000 will be waived off.

Failing to pay $40000 in 2020 will attract 5% interest after 2022. 50% of shop rents will be paid by the Government 25% Shop owners have to waive for the lockdown month and 25% will be paid by the business organization. Medical services are free in Canada it has become easier to manage the novel virus.

Comparing India On the other hand, It cannot make support like other nations. As per economists from various countries predicted that India could suffer 16,00,000 Cr loss from various sectors. 26% of unemployment recorded all over India which highest ever. Jantan accounts credited with Rs. 500 apart from the public would have to pay rents, medical expenses, Schools. EMI, Vehicle, and others. Many publics from Cities are migrated to home town in order to avoid paying rents and other expenses.

Concluding the conference he urged people to share their problems with concern representatives. Not single MP could solve the issue but every single MP could solve any public issue and bring notice to Prime Minister.

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