Philanthropist Durai Vaiko as donated 1000 bags of rice and also distributed those thousand bags to the neighbourhood needy people in Anna Nagar. After the 21 days lockdown in on 15th of April Prime Minister Modi extended the lockdown still method with some relaxation in the extension. No benefits for poor people.

Durai Vaiko who extended is help to the needy people in Anna Nagar. He along with his 2 member crew distributor 1000 bags of rice in in MGR Nagar slums. Weeks earlier Tamilnadu Government announced no volunteers and NGOs should not distribute or donate anything to public directly. This action was condemned by many. Later Tamilnadu Government clarified that distribution and donation can be made with local authorities for getting permission from local authorities.

After 2 day wait Durai Vaiko received permissions to distribute thousand bags of rice with the permission only three members should be part of the distribution of donation. Safety gadgets like face mask gloves are mandatory during the distribution. As per the guidelines of local authorities the crew distributed thousand bags of rice in the early morning of 16th April 2020 in MGR Nagar slum in Anna Nagar.

In order to avoid gathering of largest number of people crew decided to distribute rice bag in the early morning. When the first phase of lockdown announced Durai Vaiko distributed around 1 lakh worth of groceries and essential needs to Chennai Corporation.

Previously he also released Awareness video of coronavirus and its impact in all over the world. He also speak about the benefits of self Quarantine and self isolation and how United States affected because of not maintaining their self Quarantine and self isolation. He urged People to follow lockdown period strictly and not to violate the laws.

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