The united states of America President Donald Trump signed to suspend the immigration into the United States temporarily. The most powerful country in the world united states records the highest number of coronavirus cases and the highest number of death rates.

The order comes after the united states record a historical number of unemployment around 20 million. Trump trying to bring back America to its own power. H1B the most popular visa among Indian it employees may also be the victim of immigration suspension. H1B is not of immigration, but to control the unemployment in the united states there couldn’t be any best option to stop H1B visa.

United states already have halted issuing visa of any type to any other nationalities. Donald Trump already closed the northern and southern barriers to control the legal immigrants into the united states.

Trump right from the beginning very keen about stopping immigrants and illegal immigrants into united states. Even planned to build a great wall to control the legal immigrants. Due to financial and technical difficulties project was on hold.

Trump may use this as the best chance to control the immigrants. Indians receive the highest number of benefits in an H1B visa. Even mention the that during the retaliation briefing last week on hydroxychloroquine supply from India. India receives all benefits from the united states he quoted.

It may not be shocking news is trump sends out all H1b visa holders from the united states before the ending date. H1B applicants after serving a few years in the united states apply for immigrants to the country along with green cards which makes them permanent citizens to the united states. Trump this action could cause a huge slash in the Indian economy if the immigrants are sent back to India.

The President making several decisions to stop Coronavirus pandemic and bring back United states from the damages caused by the virus.

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