Coronavirus pandemic is uncontrollable all over the world. Corona virus scanning started from Wuhan province in China. Early stage China records highest number of affected cases followed by Italy Iran Spain. Later Italy richest top affected position after China. Now it’s the world’s number one most powerful country in Airtel States of America has a highest coronavirus affected cases.

So far there are around 25% of the cases are in Airtel States of America. Us records 3, 11,637 cases as on 5th of April whereas Total cases all over the world is 12,10,422. It’s been advised to President Donald Trump about the coronavirus pandemic at the initial stage but no father security steps taken reportedly.


Hydroxychloroquine medicine which used to treat Malaria so widely used in Indian medical treatment for coronavirus in India. This medicine was suggested by Donald Trump in directly in a Press Conference. But still there are some thousand in Indian states affected even after using hydroxychloroquine regularly. President Donald Trump in a call with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested to supply hydroxychloroquine to United States of America.

Narendra Modi assured to supply require medical assistance to United States. On April 4th the Director General of foreign trade of India made restriction on export of Diagnostics falls under ITCHS it includes ban on export of all ventilators surgical / disposable mask and textile raw material used for making mask until further official announcement.

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