Social media now flooding with Viswasam incurred 30% loss. This news was flooded after a news channel shown a news card stating that Viswasam incurred 30% loss and the movie doesn’t make any profitable gain. Does Viswasam really make a loss ? It’s not officially confirmed by producers. Only a producers  most possibly can get full BO reports other than anyone. It’s impossible for anyone to collect all collection reports all theaters in Tamilnadu. It couldn’t be possible to collect from all 400 to 500 theaters collection on the first day.

All theaters cannot submit the ticket sales report on the very next day or even a month. Collection reports are all just a myth until and unless producers officially announce the report. Very first time its Sun Pictures released the official collection report on Sarkar movie. After Sun Pictures its KJR Studios Kotapadi Rajesh official announced the weekly figure of 120cr in a interview. Movie is still successfully running in all rural regions even the competitor PETTA couldn’t able to hold in such regions.

After the News Break twitter war begins with Ajith and Vijay fans as well Twitter’s trending with #Viswasam30crLoss and #தாழ்வுமனப்பான்மையில்vijayFans 

Wonder what KJR will announce after getting to know that the movie had 30crs loss ?..!
What’s funny was the movie poster mentioned that it’s marching 200crs in TN?..!
As always this Pongal Winner is Petta ? #Viswasam30crloss

— T H M (@THMOff_) February 6, 2019


Marsal Records broken
Sarkar Records
2.0 Records
Bahubali 2 Records Aswell

Viswasam setting a new benchmark


30Crs loss

Indeed Viswasam is setting a new benchmark when it comes to loss ?#Viswasam30crLoss

— Cʏʙᴏʀɢ ™ (@Cyborg_VJ) February 6, 2019

Now Ajith fans and SathyaJothi Be like?#Viswasam30crLoss

— CarlsBerg ™ (@Carls_Berg_) February 6, 2019

Worst_Raa ??#தாழ்வுமனப்பான்மையில்vijayFans

— Ajithiyan Padmanaban (@LiveGodAjith) February 6, 2019

?️?? விசய் ரசிக குஞ்சுகள் சோர்ஸ்னு தூக்கிட்டு வந்த அதே நியூஸ் சேனல் விஸ்வாசம் தமிழ்நாட்டு வசூல பற்றி சொல்லியது பாகுபலிக்கு அடுத்து விநியோகஸ்தருக்கு 18 கோடி லாபம் கொடுத்த படம் ??, அமெரிக்கால விஸ்வாசம் 60 லட்சம் கூட நஷ்டத்தை தாண்டி இருக்காது ?

— ?சோமாஸ்கந்தன் தல? (@somaskandan11) February 6, 2019

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