Tamilnadu’s Iconic party regain its power after several years. DMK failed to win in Lok Sabha 2014. DMK couldn’t even managed to get a single seat in 2014 whereas they are about to make a clean sweep in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu facing 38 constituency election out of 39. DMK and its alliance parties Congress, MDMK, VCK, Communist and others marching towards victory.

PMK made a alliance with ADMK and BJP at the earliest of alliance speech. PMK managed to get 7 seats and a Rajya Sabha seat as well. PMK made face to face fight in several constituency against DMK. Where PMK lost all the constituency expect Dharmapuri where Anbumani Ramadas is contesting. Even in Dharmapuri Anbumani is on close call with DMK candidate.

After the announcement of alliance PMK cadres made a dramatic changeover support to ADMK and BJP in social media.

After the victory of DMK all against PMK. DMK candidate squesed mangos which symbolises PMK symbol in front of Anna Arivalayam during the celebration.