Money Heist director recast with India’s top actors.

Money Heist has become the most trending Netflix web series during the lockdown period. Spanish series have already has huge fan base has released his fourth episode 2 weeks earlier. Due to the nationwide lockdown in India and all over the world not only the fans but also many others saw the series and become new fans.

4th season of the series was released. As per the series, 4th season continues from the second robbery with started in the third season from the bank of Spain. A crew of members under the guidance of an intelligent man called the professor robs Bank of Spain. To steal the gold as well to rescue there crew member Rio who was part of the previous robbery.

The second robbery which comes in season 3 and 4 has lots of twists and tales. Money Heist becomes very popular among youth and was trending material in social media for several weeks.

Director was interviewed by South Indian YouTube Channel. During the interview, A question raised what would be the choice of Money Heist casting if it was done with Indian actors and choice of several lists was given.

As per the list given director as choose. South Indian actor Vijay who is famous in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada Industries was chosen to play the role of Professor. The Indian Superstar Shahrukh Khan was chosen to play the role of Berlin or Palermo. Who leads the heist crew from inside ground but died in first robbery but comes in second.

Ajith Kumar as Bogota who appeared in 3 and 4th season of the series. He was recruited to the crew since a World class welder required to open the vault.

Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu as Prieto The CNI officer.

Surya (Tamil) as Suarez who plays the police officer.

Ranveer Sing as Denver who later Mary Arturo’s Secretary

This casting tuition by the director Alex with Limited number of options there are no intention of making series with the cast. Alex the characters with the photos shown during the interview he preferred with the appearance and looks of the artist.

Actor Vijay a photograph sad was with beard and glasses Alex would have choosen him as professor.

Shahrukh Khan with smart blazer with devil look made to choose negative role Berlin and Palermo.

Again the handsome and professional look of Mahesh Babu made him to choose as the the CNI OFFICER.

Ajith Kumar with White hairs night have made the director to the old characters Bogota.

Ranveer Singh spiky hairstyle and open smile in to choose as Denver the young dynamic of the series.

Surya’s physic and rusty appearance made him as a perfect choice for saurus police officer.

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